I know, I'm almost a week late from the Father's Day cake post, but I've been experiencing some technical difficulties (aka my internet has been so slow that I can hardly get anywhere on it). However, it's better late than never. I got this great idea for a Father's Day cake from Matt from Tiepedia already months ago, but I didn't have an occasion suitable for a tie and a shirt cake until now. Thanks Matt for the idea and here is my version of this cake.

The cake is really easy to make and you can make many variations of it. just see Matt's post about it and see. Instead of the normal handkerchief in the front pocket, I wanted to make it something more personal, so I painted a family portrait on a piece of white marzipan with some shades of gray. The portrait doesn't need to look exactly like your family, but like me you can paint the amount of people in your family on it.


Father's Day shirt and tie cake:

For the cake base I made a 3 egg basic cake base, except that I made it gluten free. I used gluten free flour (about 1/3 normal gluten free flour and 2/3 buckwheat flour). When you modify any cake base into one suitable for celiacs, just use 3/4 of the amount of the flour you would use for a normal cake. I baked the cake on a flat oven pan and cut the base into three equal size pieces which I then stacked on top of each other.



I defrosted some strawberries and blended them smooth. I didn't moisturise the cake base with anything this time since the strawberry pure is already quite wet. I spread some of it on top of the first layer of the cake and on top I spread some cream cheese filling which I had leftover from the wine bottle cake. I filled the other layer the same way and put the last cake layer on top. The I smoothed out the top with more cream cheese filling.

I rolled flat some gray marzipan and covered the cake with it. I made also a pocket from the gray marzipan and left some to make the collar. I glued the pocket with the family portrait sticking out to the cake with some water and traced some stiches on it as if it had been sewn on. I made the tie from some dark red marzipan and shaped the collar like shown below. I also made a little label in the back of the neck. You can write down the name of the person receiving the cake or something else fun on the label.



Here's my cake and belated congratulations to all dads out there!








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