My friend bought a house and they started renovating it right away. They painted the walls in the bedroom white and wanted something to catch the eye in that room, so she asked me if I could paint something on the wall. We decided to paint a black tree with a cat in it (she likes cats and has one). I designed a tree and some different cats to choose from. This wall painting is made without a stencil.

I drew the pattern on the wall with a pencil and then painted along the lines with rather small brushes. I came back on another day to draw some more branches on the closet doors in another corner of the room, but I left them to be painted by my friend since the surface on the cupboard doors was nice and smooth instead of the uneven surface I had to paint on. I also painted the cat with some dark grey paint, even though the colour difference can't be seen very well from the pictures.


Here's the tree still unfinished.



And here's the finished painting with the cat. We wanted to keep it simple and fresh. It looks a little different from different angles since it's painted in the corner.




And here are the outlines of the extra branches on the other end of the room. I know, they are a little hard to see...




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