So finally after a long time my evening gown is finally almost ready. Yes, still almost... There's still a few little things to fix, but it is completely wearable already if needed. And I haven't bothered to iron it yet (you might notice the wrinkles...)  since I don't really have a place to hang it so that it wouldn't get wrinkled again, and there's a lot, really a lot of fabric, atleast in the hemline.

So here I've added an under dress or rather the front part since it doesn't go all the way to the back. Why should it, since it won't show all the way back there anyway. And let's be honest... isn't there enough fabric in this whole thing already? I chose a burned orange and sort of lime or lizard green fabrics for the turnable front piece. Of course these front pieces are easy to make so you can always make a new one when you get tired of the old look.

I still haven't been able to take proper pictures of the whole thing since it's very hard to do on your own. I only have half here and there pictures, but if i get someone to help me with taking the pictures at some point I'll be sure to post some.

The original post about the evening gown can be found here.

Here's some pictures of the green front. I'm wearing the darker outer shell in all of the pictures here.



And here's the orange one. I'm wearing the lighter outer shell in most, except one picture.



Here is the lighter gray side of the dress from the back. The lacing on that side is still temporary



And here is the darker one from behind. This one has the correct kind of lacing.



Now I just need a place to wear it... or... them... It would take me four events to wear all of the current options.



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