I've made a few pies lately but since I've forgotten to take proper pictures of them and have been making them at my summer appartment, I haven't posted them in my blog. Also because I've been really busy.

So here are a few recipes that I'm going to write down here before I'll forget them or lose the recipes while moving my stuff out tomorrow. First of all already a few weeks back I tried this new version of a raspberry yoghurt pie and it tasted great. It's very similar to the yoghurt pie I've made earlier but just... a little better :P I made up the recipe just because I happened to have some yoghurt that I needed to use off.


Raspberry yoghurt pie:


- 4 dl wheat flour

- 2 dl sugar

- 125 g margarine

- 2 tsp baking powder

- 1 tsp vanilla sugar

- 1 egg

- 1 dl unflavoured yoghurt

Mix together the dry ingredients and add the molten margarine. The mixture should end up looking like crumbs. Take 1/3 to half of it into a separate bowl and add the egg and yoghurt in the leftover  (2/3 or half) batter. Press the batter in a pie casserole lined with baking paper or oiled. Leave the crumbled looking batch in the separate bowl waiting for a while.



- 2,5 dl unflavoured yoghurt

- 1 egg

- 1/2 dl sugar

- 1 - 1,5 dl raspberries

Mix the yoghurt, egg and sugar together and spread it on top of the batter in the casserole. Sprinkle on the raspberries and then crumble the batter crumbs on top. Bake in 200 degrees celcius oven for about 20 - 25 mins.

I didn't have a picture of this exact raspberry pie before, but later on I made a version with blueberries so I'll post a picture of that. In this pie I replaced 1 dl of the flour with rolled oats. I liked the contrast of the color with raspberry more but this will have to do since I have very little or no raspberries left.




I've made Pätkis cake filling before and really liked it. I had never made Pätkis pie before but since everyone else has done so I wanted to try aswell. I came up with my own recipe which is sort of a variation of the berry pie I often make. Actually I made it this time aswell to go with this pie on my last day at work. Most people make pätkis pies with white bases, but I added some cocoa to make my base dark. This pie may not look like much but I assure you it's very tasty.

Pätkis pie:


- 1 egg

- 1 dl sugar

- 2,5 dl wheat flour

- 150g margarine or butter

- 1 tsp baking powder

- 1 tbsp dark cocoa powder


There's two ways of making the base. You can either soften the margarine or butter and whip it together fluffy with the sugar before adding all the other ingredients, or you can melt the margarine or butter and mix all the other ingredients straight in. The latter is slightly easier but if you don't cool the batter before pressing it in the pie casserole it will be more runny than if you would make it the first way.



- 250 g curd (kermaviili)

- 1/2 bag or 70g of Pätkis mini bites

Melt the Pätkis' in a saucepan on low heat constantly stirring until they become a soft paste. Let it cool a bit and mix the paste in the curd. Spread the filling on top of the batter in the casserole and bake in 200 degrees celcius for 20 - 30 mins. (Tbh I didn't take time, I took it out when it looked done.





The next pie base I've been using for blueberry pies and apple pies for years, but you can basically make any pie with this recipe. This time I filled it with some red and white currants.

Here's the recipe that I didn't have before when I made this post.


Berry pie:

- 1 egg

- 1 dl sugar

- 1/2 dl or 50 g of margarine or butter

- 1/2 dl milk

- 2 dl wheat flour

- 1 1/2 tsp baking powder

Filling: Berries, apple slices, anything you want really.


Mix or whip the egg and sugar. Melt the margarine and add it and the milk in the batter.  Mix the dry ingredients together and mix them in well. Spread the batter in the bottom of a mold and sprinkle or lay the filling ingredients on top. Bake in 200 degrees celcius for 15 - 20 mins.


You can also do this the honey way like I did by only using 1/2 dl sugar and replacing the other half with 1 tbsp honey. Whip the sugar and egg first before you add the honey. You can also try replacing all the sugar with honey, but honey doesn't whip so well with the egg.



I served the pie slightly warm with some vanilla ice cream and vanilla sauce and with some bourbon vanilla powder sprinkled on top. The vanilla sauce I made by simply heating up some cooking cream (10%) in a sauce pan with 0,5 ml (maustemitta) bourbon vanilla powder and  1 tsp of honey. I let the sauce simmer for 5 mins before cooling.


When the evenings are slightly cooling, there's nothing better than this kind of treat to enjoy on your balcony :)



And this picture is just to show what fun things you can do with your food. Why make boring round bread when you can shape it to anything you like. These broken hearts are made with the simple nettle roll recipe with one added carrot.


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