Last month a friend of mine had on a cool necklace made from a real crows foot. He had gotten it from a friend of his. I liked it a lot so when I saw two little birds had sadly lost their lives in our backyard probably learning to fly off the roof, I figured it would be a shame for them to go totally to waste. I went out in the pouring rain in the middle of the night and took their feet (since all the best ideas come to you at night...) Sorry little guys...

There have also been a lot of black feathers in the backyard, so I've been collecting them for some still to be seen future project. Two of the feet and one feather I used in this necklace and the rest of the feathers I washed and shaped. Some of them were in quite rough shape. The feet I dried for a month and then varnished with some black paint added in the varnish. Then I tied them together into this necklace:



The remaining feathers and feet I put into a vase waiting to be used. Now they can act as some temporary art until then. Even though instead of feathers I think it looks more like I stuffed a bat or a bird in the vase...




Also, I made some chocolate cake again, a little bigger version of the trial cake I made for the wedding cakes I'll be making. This time I made it just to try out how the chocolate glazing or chocolate ganache works. It turned out quite well for the purpose, even though it was good to try it since now I'll know how to make it even better and smoother.

The cake has raspberries in it and the glazing is 150 g dark chocolate, 1 dl cooking cream and about 1 - 2 tsp margarine. Again this cake is made in my summer appartment where I have only very basic tools and ingredients, and the cake was made very quickly. I didn't even have a plate to put it on, so I had to serve it from the turnside of an oven plate. Hopefully my friend and roommates still liked it.



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