When me and my siblings were kids and we went to the grocery store with our parents they sometimes sold Bebes in a glass showcase with other pastries. We would always ask for our parents to buy some for us, and sometimes we got one each or half. Not every time of course, it was a rare treat.

Then a few years back i bought just a simple baking book and noticed it had the recipe for Bebes. So i obviously had to try it. I remember some of the first times it not working out so well... but i've tried to tweak the recipe towards a satisfactory goal. The recipe here is what i used today. My sugar strike ended at midnight (Yes, i'm very strict about something that i've decided) and tomorrow is a friend's early birthday celebration where everyone is bringing something to eat so what better way to celebrate than something filled with fat and sugar? (Thank heavens i don't have to eat all of them myself...)



Base cups:

- 100 g margarine

- 2 tbsp sugar

- 1 egg yolk

- 2,5 dl wheat flour

Whip together the margarine and sugar. Add the yolk and flour and mix well together. Roll the dough into equal sized balls and press them into the edges of molds. I used just a muffin mold since i don't have anything more suitable. Bake in 175 degrees celcius for about 15 mins. Let cool and help the cups out of the molds with for example a knife. The cups crumble easily so be careful.


- 2 tbsp sugar

- 2 tsp potato flour

- 2 egg yolks

- 1 dl whipping cream

- 100 g margarine

- 1 tsp vanilla sugar

(- jam)

Measure the sugars, potato flour, yolks and cream into a saucepan. Heat up until the mixture thickens while constantly mixing. Don't let it boil! Move the thickened mixture in a bowl and whip it cool. Whip the margarine soft in a separate bowl and mix a little bit of it at a time in the mixture. Mix well each time you add the margarine. Especially in the beginning be very careful so that the filling won't curdle.

Fill the cups with the filling and even the surface out. If you want you can put a little jam under the filling in the cup. I put raspberry jam in about half of my Bebes. The others i left without. Put the bebes in the fridge so that the filling solidifies while you make the icing.


For the icing on top i made a rather loose royal icing dyed pink (even though it looks more orange in my pictures thanks to the lighting). A small part of the icing i left white and a little thicker. The recipe can be found in the Gingerbread card and cookies. I covered the surface of each Bebe with the red icing starting from the edges and helped the even spreading of it with a toothpick. I then drew rings or lines with the white icing and dragged a toothpick through the icing to create a pattern. Let the icing solidify for atleast a few hours. The Bebes won't stay good for very long, especially if you've used a rather runny jam in them, they start getting soggy. Keep the Bebes in the fridge in an airtight container.

Here are my Bebes: