I've had some drawings on the way for a long time, weeks, months... And some of them I did finish weeks or months ago but didn't have enough material to make a whole new post about them. But now I managed to finish one more drawing yesterday and two more today, so that's somewhat enough. Surprise surprise, they're black and white again. Well mostly I've been trying to cover the white with the black, but it can't all be black, can it? If there's no shades, there's no image.

I finally finished the one I already posted a picture of earlier, when it still wasn't finished. There wasn't much to do, but I could have ruined it all by doing it badly, which I almost did, but I suppose it will do. It's The city at dusk found earlier here. It's size A3. I have no idea what to do with this drawing. Is it too plain and lifeless to give as a present to someone? Well, I guess not all "art" needs to have a fuction.



The city at dusk



Next there's my version of the cover of Alice in Wonderland, where Alice meets the Cheshire cat. The drawing is composed a similar way, but drawn my own style. I started drawing it and showed a picture of the unfinished drawing to a friend of mine asking if she'd like to have it, since she really likes the book Alice in Wonderland and has done so since she was a little kid. She said yes and now she gets to have it once I manage to get it to her. Here's also a picture of the very unfinished drawing. Again, for weeks I was afraid I'd ruin this one too so I held off from drawing it, only adding something from time to time. This drawing is size A4.



Alice in Darkland


Detail, The Cheshire cat



First time in a long time I tried to draw a human somewhat from a model picture with a pencil. This time I used proper artist pencils, Derwent Dark Wash 8B, instead of some random school pencil. These pencils can be used dry or dissolved with water. This time I used them dry, but I might still finish up the drawing by brushing a bit of water on some parts. Thanks to a friend of mine again for giving the pencils to me my last birthday. The model picture that I took the elements of the face and the shadows from is found here. The rest I came up with myself.






In times of light

...I miss my darkness



Then I have just a few black book drawings again that I finished a while back. Haven't drawn anything in it in maybe a few weeks, but here's atleast something.


A raven's flight

(Surprise, a raven again...)





(Ironically, drawn in a boat... but we did not drown there.)



Dancer in the dark



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