A friend of mine graduated this summer and she and another graduated friend of hers wanted to celebrate their achievements at their work place. My friend is a geologist and her friend is a chemist so I decided to divide the cakes theme in half and give them both something that suited their own field.

This cake I made at my summer appartment already a week or so back so I don't have pictures of the phases, but the cake is very simple anyway except for the decorative painting. It has a simple 4 egg basic white cake base and it's filled with strawberry quark.


Strawberry quark filling:

- 2 - 2,5 dl whipping cream

- 250 g quark

- 1 dl strawberries

- 2 tbsp sugar (or to the taste)

- 1 tsp vanilla sugar

(- 2 - 3 gelatine leaves)

Whip the cream and mix in the other ingredients. If your filling seems too runny to stay inside the cake, use some gelatine and let it set slightly before spreading in the cake.


I was lazy and used some strawberry box juice to moisten the cake before filling it. I spread some sugar cream on and to the sides of the cake. I covered the edges with marzipan. On the chemist side I put some white marzipan with a part of the table of elements drawn to it along with some green liquid or goo which seemed to be radioactive atleast judging by the fluorescent coloration on the rocks on top O.o



On the geologist side I put some granite looking... even pegmatite really... marzipan which was rolled flat from a bunch of pieces of different colour marzipan mixed randomly together.


After making the edges I put my marzipan painting on top and hid the edge with some black marzipan "rocks".






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