Last year I had decorated some cookies for the TYRMY bake sale, so this year I was asked to do the same, only with more cookies. I was quite busy but I still found time to decorate some 50 - 60 cookies for the bake sale.

I made a basic gingerbread dough and decorated the cookies with some royal icing which I left to dry for a few hours before I drew on the white surface with a food color marker and painted with some (mainly) black food folour gel. Mostly I made grokes again since they're my favourite. Then I also made some giraffes, a lot of hedgehogs and for example some horses with my new horse cookie mold.

Here are some pictures of my cookies. I didn't have time to decorate all of them yet, so there might be more coming up. My favourites are the skeletons. The pictures are taken quite late in the evening so they are rather dark. Also I was in a rush so the cookies aren't as intricate as before.

Some of my previous decorated cookies are found here, here, here and here.






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