I love sandwich cake but I get it and make it way too rarely. Now I finally got myself to make one just for us and well... if i had made it for someone else I might have made it nicer, but we were hungry and so I took some short cuts atleast in the decorating.

In parties when there is sandwich cake, they usually have a meaty and a fishy one. The fishy cake is my favourite so that's what I made. Most people make them rectangular since they use ready bread and the loaves of bread are usually that shaped, but I like doing it a little differently, from self baked bread and that's why I often make it round.


First I made the bread. It was quite a simple bread which I baked in a medium sized cake pan. I came up with the recipe as I went, but it turned out quite well anyway. Here are the ingredients:

Fishy sandwich cake

Simple bread:

- 2  dl milk

- 25 g yeast

- 1/2 tsp salt

- 1 tsp honey

- 2 tbsp olive oil

- enough graham and bread flour (about 4 dl alltogether)

Warm the milk to about 37 degrees celcius. Dilute in the yeast and mix in the salt and honey. Start adding the flour and quite in the end add the olive oil. Bake in 160 degrees celcius for... hmm... Honestly I forgot to check, but not more than half an hour.



Filling and topping:

The filling and the topping are made from the same mass but a little differently. The topping will be white and will not have lumps of whatever you decide to put in the filling, in my case sun dried tomatoes and spring onion.

Basic filling mass:

- 2 1/2 dl whipping cream

- 200 g cream cheese (unflavoured)

- mayonnaise

- salt

- sugar

- vinegar

- mustard

Whip the cream and mix the cream cheese into it. Add the other ingredients until the mass tastes good and balanced. Divide the mass in half. Leave one part (topping) to wait in the fridge and use the rest for the filling.


For the filling:

- half of the basic mass

- pepper

- sun dried tomatoes

- spring onion

Chop up the sun dried tomatoes and spring onion small and mix them in the filling with some pepper.



On top of the filling you will need some fish or seafood inside the cake. I used shrimp and some cold smoked salmon chopped small.

Cut the bread base in three or four layers. Moisten the first layer with some milk and put on some filling. On top of that sprinkle on some cold smoked salmon. Do the same for the next layer, except use some shrimp instead of the salmon. If the top bit of the bread is a little uneven, you can try putting it on top upside down or hiding it somewhere in the middle of the cake so that you get an even or atleast somewhat even surface on top. Smooth the top out with the white topping mass. I didn't bother smooth the cake out very nicely since most of it was going to be covered with decorations. You can also pipe some of the topping on just like you do with whipping cream on sweet cakes.


Decorate any way you wish. I put a lot of things on my cake. There's lettuce, rucola, shrimp, salmon, tomatoes made into flowers, some dark grapes, spring onion, and cucumber slices cut in the shape of flowers with a cookie cutter. You can use anything you want really. A nice touch would have been to add some lemon slices, but I didn't have any lemon.

Here's my fishy cake:




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