I tasted honey ice cream in Australia and I loved it, so I came up with a recipe for my own honey ice cream. I used Australian sugar gum eucalyptus honey for it, but you can try it with some other honey aswell.

I've made this ice cream twice now and everyone who's tasted it has liked it. They've been surprised and said: "Oh, it really does taste like ice cream!" It's really easy to make if you just happen to have some 5 or 6 hours when you will be home.


Honey ice cream:

- 3 egg yolks

- 4 - 5 dl heavy cream

- 1 1/2 tbsp honey

- 1/2 - 1 tsp vanilla extract

Mix the yolks and cream in a saucepan and bring the mixture to a boil. Take it off the heat and mix in the vanilla and honey. Chill the mixture to the fridge temperature mixing about every 15 mins. Move it in the freezer and keep mixing well every 15 mins (or more often if you want to) until you cannot mix the ice cream anymore. Then either serve or let the ice cream freeze solid.


When you serve the ice cream after it's been frozen solid, take the ice cream out in room temperature for 10 - 15 mins before eating it or even trying to make balls out of it. It will be much easier to get through and tastes so much better like that.

More about ice cream in my earlier post. This ice cream tasted really good with the chocolate cake below. And apparently also with some kuusenkerkkäsiirappi, syrup made from the young growth of fir. I got some from a friend of mine when I was just going to make some myself. Thanks, Kirsi!




I am getting the honor of making wedding cakes to a friend of a friend next month, so since they were coming to have a chat with me about their wishes for the cake, I made a tiny trial cake for them to taste and they were very happy about it.

I just used some ingredients I happened to have at home, so the cake didn't turn out to be exactly the sacher cake they had wished for, but in the end they thought it was even better.I replaced the apricot marmalade with some leftover rhubarb jam from the cookies I had made. The cake ended up tasting fresher than usual. The cake is just quickly decorated and is not the way the actual wedding cake will be. This was just an indicative example. I will post the recipe later next month with the actual wedding cakes.





Another cake I made this week was a gluten and lactose free cake, my grandmother's last cake, with basic gluten free base and blueberry curd inside. My grandma liked to read, hence the corner of a book. The decoration is very simple, traditional and calm this time. Rest in peace, grandma...




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