I bought a cute red top from Australia and i really like the print, but i am not too fond of the traditional t-shirt cut, so i decided to play a little cut and sew with it. I also had some spare time on a bus trip in Australia, so it was good that for that purpose i had taken my knitting needles and a ball of black yarn with me. Sadly they don't allow the needles on board airplanes nowadays. I wouldn't have bored myself so much in the plane if i could have knitted. Either way, in the bus i started (and almost finished) another pair of black wrist warmers (3rd pair this winter. They get worn and shaggy. I wear them almost 24/7).

Tuning the red top was pretty easy even though i hardly had any idea what i would end up with when i started. First i made a cut in the neckline straight down for about 5 cm. I also split the sleeves from the top, since i didn't like the too tight fit around the armpits.

I sewed some black lace in the cut of the neckline and the sleeves and tied some more of the same lace around the remaining shoulder straps. The lace can be removed depending on how you want to wear the top. I also sewed on some elastic from the corner of the neckline slit towards the armpit. I stretched the elastic while sewing it on the fabric so when i let go it pulled the fabric back.

There are various ways of making a piece of clothing look different. You just have to dare to try things. I for one am sure there's nobody in the world now who has the same looking top as me. Here's some pictures of the process and how my top looks now:


The wristlings i made again from Rose mohair (the same one i used in The Moth, Jackyll & Hide and BlueTube (different color) ) in black. I cast on 50 st and followed the same Lina pattern as in BlueTube. I started from the palm end and made the thumb hole. When i got to the point where the palm turns into a skinnier wrist, i decreased 10 st and knitted the rest with the remaining 40 st. Alltogether i knitted 5 pattern lengths on each wristling. Nice, easy and fast project.

Here are my wrist warmers. Now i'm all ready for my freezing geology field trip in the archipelago again.


Topin tuunausta - Mustat kynsikkäät