A friend of mine ordered a cake from me for her boyfriend's birthday. He's a DJ so we decided I should make a DJ equipment cake. He's been dreaming of a VCI-300 so that was the obvious choice. Luckily I managed to come by some black marzipan so that I could make it look as real as possible, even though it's smaller than the actual thing.

For the taste we chose a not-too-sweet Pätkis filling which I've already made for example in the Volcano day cake. I made a 6 egg dark basic cake base and used milk with some rum flavour in it to moisten the base. I baked the batter in 2 rectangular oven pans and cut them both in 2 layers. From one of the layers I cut two round shapes and put them on top of the 3 remaining whole layers to be the "decks" that should stand a little higher than the rest of the cake. I smoothed out the surface of the cake with some sugar cream (recipe in the BMW M5 cake), covered the cake with black and gray marzipan, made the decorations from marzipan and dusted the gray parts with some shimmering powder for metallic effect.


Here's the cake. I hope they liked it.


DJ-kakku - Pätkistäyte - Rommi