I got a request to make a small bachelor / bachelorette party cake but in the end I guess it ended up as a wedding cake. The request was to make something fun, romantic and especially red. The couple wished for some marzipan figurines kissing or hugging and that the cake would be heart shaped. The filling should taste like Marianne chocolate and mint candies combined with strawberry.

I got the idea of making the cake into a heart shaped bed instead of just a heart shaped base. I added some pillows, roses and rose peddles and there it was. Very easy and simple.


Red heart shaped bed cake:

Since I don't own a heart shaped cake mold, I made the base of the cake from a round 3 egg dark basic cake base. I cut the base in three layers first, then made a few incisions and moved some pieces to make a heart. It's really easy. Note that the curved piece from top left goes to the right bottom and vice versa. Watch the colors to see which piece goes where. This is how I did it:




- 2 - 2,5 dl whipping cream

- 200 g unflavoured cream cheese

Whip the cream and mix the cream cheese in. Divide the mixture in half.


Marianne filling:

-  10 - 15 Marianne candies (or some Marianne crush)

- half of the cream - cream cheese mixture

Crush the candies or blend them with some of the cream - cream cheese mixture before adding the blended or crushed candies with the rest of the cream - cream cheese.



Cake smoothener:

- half of the cream - cream cheese mixture

- 1 tbsp sugar

- 1 tsp vanilla sugar

Mix the ingredients together. This is good insulation for a cake that will be eaten the same day as it's made. It's not too sweet unlike the sugar cream often tends to be.



Strawberry filling:

- 1 - 1,5 dl pureed strawberries

- 1 tsp sugar

- some whipped cream or leftover cream - cream cheese micture

Mix the ingredients together. The cream or cream cheese makes the taste a little less intense and less watery so the filling is easier to spread.



Moisten the first layer of the cake with a fruit juice. I used red currant juice again. Spread half of the strawberry filling on top. It should make just a thin layer so that the taste will be very subtle in the cake. Spread half of the Marianne filling on top and fill the other layer the same way before adding the top layer. Once the whole cake is built, smooth the top and edges of the cake out with the cake smoothener.



Roll thin some red marzipan and lightly press on a crossing lines pattern. Put the marzipan on top of the cake but instead of pressing the marzipan evenly on the sides, just cut off the excess marzipan so that it just barely touches the plate on the sides. Then shape the edge into a nice flowy and wavy hem. I painted the marzipan cover with some red color since the marzipan wasn't quite red enough and it would have taken a lot more food color to dye it through.



Now you can decorate any way you wish. I put on some heart shaped marzipan pillows and the figurines, roses and rose peddles. I piped the text with some white chocolate and dusted on some edible shimmer.

Here's my cake:







Polttarikakku - Hääkakku - Romanttinen - Sydän - Sänky - Marsipaani - Mariannetäyte