I was asked to make a quite large car cake for a 2 year old boy's birthday, however I a price limit so I couldn't make just a big car since it would have taken much more hours than this version. I needed to make most of the cake something simple and put just a smaller car on top. So I decided to go with a sandy hill and it turned into a rally cake.

I made an 8 egg basic cake base and baked it in one big and 2 smaller oven pans. The filling was a white chocolate cream cheese mousse and blueberries. The cake is covered with marzipan and the sand is made of crushed digestive bisquits.


White chocolate mousse:

- 4 - 5 dl whipping cream

- 250 g cream cheese

- 200 g white chocolate


This is a very simple but tasty filling for a cake. You can modify it by using milk chocolate or dark chocolate aswell instead of the white chocolate. Originally the recipe is from Kinuskikissa but my proportions are a little different. The filling is quite sturdy as cream cheese based fillings often are, so it works well for a little more challenging cake too.

Whip the cream and mix in the cream cheese. Melt the white chocolate and mix it in.



Cut one of the smaller cake bases up and build a car from it. Use the rest to build the hill and make the wheels. I managed to use pretty much every bit of the base for doing this. Didn't leave much leftovers.

Moisten the base with some juice. I used black currant juice. Spread on some of the filling and springkle on the blueberries. Continue filling both the car and the hill like this. Don't glue the tyres of the car on just yet. Leave them aside.

Smooth the surface of the car and the hill with some sugar cream and cover them with marzipan. Smooth also the tyres out with the sugar cream also to make the marzipan stick better, and cover them with some black marzipan.

Decorate the car the way you want. If you want the car to have a shiny finish instead of the matte marzipan surface, paint over it with some similar colored food color or just with water. It will dry glossy. Often in car cakes I put the name of the birthday person in the license plates. This time I made the plates from black marzipan, since before they had black license plates in cars instead of white ones, and I wanted to make this car look kind of like an old rally car or a Mini.

Crush up the digestive cookies and brush some water on the marzipan surface of the hill to make the crumbs stick to it. I Put the crumbs a bit on the sides and on the road to make it look sandy.



Here's the finished cake:





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