Like for any other occasion that deserves a cake, I made a cake for Mother's Day. My mom had liked the fresh color scheme of the Apple & pear squares so i thought i'd do something along those lines now too. I also for a while now have wanted to try a two layer cake since i recently found a small 16 cm diameter cake mold.

The theme of the cake was obviously windflower or Anemone Nemorosa, a flower that we always pick and bring to our mothers on Mother's Day, probably since it's almost the only flower that blooms yet at this time of the year.

I made a four egg basic batter (the recipe can be found here), this time gluten free for my mom, so i used only 3/4 the amount of flour as there was of the other ingredients. The flour was half ready gluten free flour mix and half buckwheat flour (tattarijauho). I baked two different size cake bases from the batter. One small 16 cm base and another medium so about 20-22cm base.

I filled the cake bases with some pineapple quarck, but it turned out somehow my fresh pineapple didn't quite agree with the filling so it turned out tasting a little bit bitter. Hence i won't write down the recipe here, since i don't intend to use it again myself either.

I smoothed the cake bases out with some sugar cream (recipe again here). I took some green and white marzipan and mixed them together creating a marbled pattern in the marzipan. You do that by molding the marzipans into two rods, twisting them together, smoothing them out and repeating the process a few times. I think i twisted the marzipan about 3 times. Then i shaped the marzipan rod into a spiral and rolled it flat. On the bottom cake base i cut a hole in the marzipan in the spot where the other base would come on top. I placed the marzipan on the cake base and cut to excess pieces out from the edges. Then i did the same for the smaller cake base except this time i didn't cut a hole in the marzipan. After covering both of the bases i lifted the smaller piece on top of the bigger one. (You can thinly fill also this "layer" of the cake.)

For the decorations i made "branches" from some brown marzipan which i had dyed with dark cocoa powder. They also cover the seams on the cake. On top i made two windflowers along with their leaves. The leaves i cut out with just a knife from some green marzipan rolled flat, but for the flowers i used a "poor womans flower cutter" which I invented ; )

I took one of those things you use to shut for example bread bags, bent it to roughly the shape of a flower petal and pushed those shapes into some white marzipan. I made both whole flowers by using my petal mold around the flower and some extra petals for the second layer of the flower. I shaped the petals slightly into cups and glued the extra ones in the center of the flower. I added a ball of marzipan in the middle, pricked some holes in it for a little uneven surface and painted it yellow. I glued on the decorations and dusted on some shimmer on them.

Here's the ready cake:


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