I bought a new phone just last week after my old one broke for good. My new phone is a real geek phone and obviously I had to knit it some sort of safe haven to keep it from all the possible scratchy things in bags and pockets. So I knitted a small satchel and put a ribbon in the mouth to close it and to carry it by. And since I like not wasting any stuff, the ribbon is actually one they use to help hanging cardigans by the neck in clothes stores. This one is actually all the way from Australia.

I wanted to make some simple pattern on the satchel and had always wanted to try one of those owls seem about everywhere from sweaters to mittens. I don't remember who made the pattern and I didn't use a pattern for it either, I just looked what one of the owls looked like and knitted something similar. Then I sewed on two really old and press on snaps for eyes and a little orange thread for the beak. With this dark and thin yarn it is quite hard to see the owl, but it doesn't need to be that obvious anyway.

I made this owly satchel from SandnesGarn dark grey Kitten mohair using 2,5 mm bamboo needles and 20 stitches. This was a quick and fun project that took little over half an hour to finish.





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