So, it's again time for one of my whacky and weird sewing projects. This weeks project has been a hoodie, since I've forever needed one but didn't really like the normal plain ones. I wanted a huuuuge hood yet I didn't want the hoodie to be baggy so that I would look big. But obviously the sleeves needed to be big and long. I knew I wouldn't be able to find anything like this in the store, so I decided to make one myself.

Nienor was a character of mine in an mmorpg I played for  4 years (phew!), as was Ocelan (Bites). In the end times Nienor looked a bit like a ninja, so when I saw my finished project it immediately reminded me of her, hence the name. Also, Nienor is elvish and means "sorrow". Here's what my Nienor looked like:



By now everyone should know that in my clothes I like versatility. This is again a piece of clothing that you can wear in many ways. Of course there's the option of wearing the hood up or down or zipper closed or not. It's a 2 way zipper, so it can be opened either from the top or the bottom. Then there are some other things. Inside the hood I added a piece of fabric that you can pull around your face if you want to play ninja. It will also be handy in the winter. Won't be needing a scarf.





There are thumb holes in the sleeves so that you can still use your hands even when the sleeves are pulled over your palms. The lacing in the back pulls the hoodie into a more fitted form, yet I can still wear warm clothes under the hoodie if i loosen the lacing. I will buy satin lace for the back later. I was all out now and had to go with the round lacing, the same I'm using in the hood. There's also a clasp in front so if I don't want to zip the zipper, I can have the clasp fastened. This also works well when I want to wear the hoodie as a cape, for example when it's too hot to have my arms in the sleeves but I still need something to warm me up. And there's two coffin shaped pockets in the front.





I might still do some embroidery on some parts of the hoodie, but so far it's fine the way it is. Atleast I like it. Looking ever weirder than I normally do will be even easier with my hoodie.



Huppari - Nyöritys - Viitta