For a while I've wanted to go on a silver or some other jewelry course, but since again I missed the sign up for the autumn long course I decided to go on a short few hour course with a friend of mine. Thanks to another friend of ours who told us about the place :)

The course was held in Silver studio in Turku. It was a really nice place, the shop keeper who held the course was great and we got all the help we needed. I really recommend this place for anyone who wants to learn to make easy silver jewelry. They also have other than just silver clay courses there, like bead jewelry courses and more silver techniques. And the best part is that you can actually make this jewelry at home once you have some tools and have taken the beginners course.


There are a few steps in making the silver clay items. First you plan the item by molding it from practise clay which dries slower than the actual silver clay which will dry in just minutes.


Here is my practise wolf from the practise clay.

The silver clay has organic bonding agents in it to make it moldable. Once the item has been molded from the silver clay it will be dried in about 150 degrees celcius and sanded or otherwise finished, for example patterns can be carved in it at this point. All the uneventies should be taken off at this point, otherwise they will be burned in the jewelery in the next point.

The dried clay is very pleasant to work, even though at this point it is very fragile. Once the finishing is ready the item is burned above 650 degrees celcius. The time needed for burning is shorter when the temperature grows. In the burning process the organic bonding agents are lost and the item shrinks slightly. Now the item consists 99,9% of silver and can be polished.

The whole process is quick, easy and anyone can do it.


Here my wolf is being polished.



My friend polishing her necklace.



My just finished necklace at the workshop.


And here she is around my neck - my guardian wolf.




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