I was on cookie duty this week and spent quite a while thinking which cookies I should try out. I wanted to make something I had never made before so I ended up trying this variation of a Martha Stewart recipe.

I used almonds and some other nuts and seeds instead of pecans and since I'm not a fan of cherries, I replaced them with rhubarb. Here's my variation of the recipe:


Almond cookies with rhubarb filling

Almond cookie dough:

- 4 dl wheat flour

- 1/2 tsp baking powder

- 150 g of almonds (or other nuts and seeds)

- 2 tbsp powdered sugar

- 1/8 tsp salt

- 1/8 tsp cinnamon (reilu 1/2 maustemitallista)

- 1/8 tsp pure bourbon vanilla powder

- 120 g voita tai margariinia

- 60 g sokeria

- 1 large egg or 2 small ones

Mix the flour and baking powder together. Pulse the almonds, powdered sugar, salt and cinnamon and vanilla powder in a blender until it's fine. I didn't have enough almonds so I replaced the other half with some cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Move into a bowl and add the butter and sugar. Mix the dough fluffy with an electric mixer and mix in the egg. Add the flour and knead the dough smooth. Put it in the fridge for atleast 2 hours to rest.



Roll the dough flat and cut cookies out of it with some cookie molds. The dough is a little hard to work, so you might have to roll just small pieces of the dough flat at a time. Bake in 200 degrees celcius until they start getting just a bit of colour on the edges. The cookies should be very light coloured.

I made the top ones and the bottom ones separately. On the top cookies I cut holes with some small cookie cutters I had made myself from an empty beer can. I also sprinkled some powdered sugar on them. The bottom cookies are plain.



Rhubarb (and blueberry) jam:

- 100g rhubarb

- 1 - 2 tbsp blueberries

- 1 - 2 tbsp sugar (or to the taste)

I used last years frozen rhubarb and blueberries, but you can obviously use fresh ones also. Boil the rhubarbs and blueberries in a saucepan for 5 or so minutes and add the sugar. If you use fresh ones, you might want to add a little water in the bottom so the rhubarbs won't burn. Pulse the mixture in a blender until smooth.

Put some jam on the bottom side of the cookie and press the top cookie carefully on top. Be careful so that the jam won't gush out of the decorative holes or sides.




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