I have been knitting less lately since it's been really hot, but mainly I just haven't finished anything. I have so many unfinished knits that I've lost count...  Here I'm going to show one, a rather large project that I started a bit over a month back I think and been going for it slowly. I bought just one skein of yarn first to try it out and I really liked it. Soon I'll have to get more of it.

The yarn is GGH Kid mohair which is really soft and light weight, lighter than a feather really. The color I chose was a dark petrol, shade 005. From it I'm going to make a wrap cardigan using the lace pattern Raspberry Dream Stole by Dagmara in Ravelry. My cardigan project can also be found in Ravelry here. Here's some pictures of my Life in Dark Waters cardigan, or the making of it, since it's still very much unfinished. I'll get better pictures once it's all done and blocked, but that'll take a while.








Another thing I've been doing is drawing more with pencils. First I made a picture of a friend, but since I made it without permission and I'm not sure if this person would like their portrait published, I'm going to skip it even though I think it turned out much better than my self portrait which I'm going to share here. This is made from an old photo and therefore it's called "Self Portrait No. 1 - Once upon a time..." I might be making another one from a more recent photo since I really do need practise and I don't know if it would be suitable to draw others, for example more of my friends, atleast without permission. I drew this with Derwent Dark Wash 8B and HB pencils on an A3 size paper (180 g/m^2).





I also have had a sketch of Cinderella on my drawing book for ages (I took model of a scene in the tv movie Cinderella 2000). After having it just sitting there unfinished I decided to do something to it so I tried coloring it with a black 0,1 mm marker. This is how far I've gotten so far. Still a long way to go on this one also. This is just a close up. It only covers a part of the paper which is size A3 again. (I know, the image quality is poor. The paper is white in reality.)




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