Yes, during the weekend I was studing for my two exams and since this time I didn't want to clean the appartment, which I usually do when I should be studying, I was baking (the results of which you already saw earlier) and sewing. My sewing projects were really easy, just a few seams and some elastic and there. I made 3 strapless things: a summer dress and two tops from some fabric I found from a sale basket in a fabric store. So these three things ended up costing less than 15 € alltogether.

First I made my summer dress from a rectangular piece of fabric which I folded in half and cut a triangle of fabric off the open end from both layers of fabric. Then I turned the triangles upside down and sewed them back on making the hem wider and at the same time making the top part a bit smaller. Then I folded the top seam and sewed some elastics on, sewed the back seam and folded the hem.




I really like my dress, even though it's so simple. It's very me.



Next I made a normal black strapless top for which I took the pattern from another strapless top of mine that I really like. It's light orange. Sadly I got a stain on it a while back and I'm still figuring out how to make it useable again. Again it was just a few seams and some elastic for this one. The top looks rather grey or blueish in the pictures, but it is black, believe me.



Third I made this versatile top / tunic that could otherwise be used as a dress, but it's shorter from the back than from the front, so I wouldn't dare, except maybe on the beach. This one literally took 2 seams and in the first seam I sewed some elastic on at the same time. Then I punched some holes in the front and put a lace ribbon through them. The lace can be tied in different ways creating different looks. Mainly the top is meant to be strapless but the ribbon can be used as a halterneck strap also when tied around the back of your neck.

In the front I added an old rock necklace of mine by tying a small ribbon to the lace that runs in the back of the fabric and then passing it through a hole to the front of the fabric where I tied the necklace with a bow. The decoration in the front can be takken off, can use just the ribbon or change it to something different very easily. Also it should be obviously taken off when the garment is washed.



Hopefully it will be warm enough this summer so I get to use all these clothes outside in the sun at some point.


Musta toppi - Helppo kesämekko - Tunika