I got an A3 sized heavy paper drawing book from a friend for my birthday (thanks Marjo!) so now it was time to put it to a test. A friend of mine was moving to a new decade in her age and i wanted to make her something special. So i decided to draw her a black and white drawing. The theme is quite similar to some of my other drawings and i used my Indian ink brush artist pen for coloring.

Here are some pictures from along the process. It took me a few hours alltogether to sketch and color the drawing. It's called "Sands of time", which i thought was a fitting idea for a birthday.

And here's the finished drawing. I also like wrapping my gifts nicely and fitting to the theme, so i wrapped it safely in some layers of silk paper. Happy birthday Erika!


I liked drawing the other one and got bored one evening so i decided to try another one, a blonde this time, since i usually like to draw black hair instead. I like the darkness as a theme, with the shadows and all, so i wanted to practise the light in darkness. This one is called "A light in my favourite darkness". It could have turned out better but it's ok.

Here are some phase pictures. The idea changed a little during the sketching process. I never know what i'm actually going to end up drawing when i start.

And the finished result. I would have drawn more black around but i already finished off one pen during the making of Sands of time, so i didn't want to dry up another one doing just this.


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