My friend had a birthday and invited a few friends over so i made her a little present, wrist warmers or fingerless gloves actually. She plays the piano and i figured they would be handy for that purpose and also on field trips. Atleast i use my wristlings everywhere (since i'm always cold), many times even when sleeping.

The pattern is originally from Ravelry. I just modified it a bit to make it into fingerless gloves instead of just wrist warmers. For the yarn i chose a dark turquoise mohair, the same as i used in my Short sleeved shrug. It's just her color and i was happy to hear the gloves turned out to be perfect size aswell. I knitted them last week but didn't dare post them yet since i wasn't sure if my friend would happen to have a peek here ; )



Yarn Sandnes Kitten mohair, 2,5 mm bambu needles (thanks to a friend of mine who gave them to me for my birthday).


I didn't write my instructions down really so this may sound a bit messy, but atleast here's something:

CO 54 st. Divide them on 4 needles and join into a circle. Follow the pattern instructions 2 ½ times the pattern (15 rows) and then make the thumb hole like this: Instead of joining back to the circle, turn the work and continue working back and forth for 6 rows before joining back to the circle. During this you have to think the patterns sort of turned atleast on some rows. You should be able to see from the previous pattern how it's supposed to go.

After joining back to the circle knit 1 ½ times the pattern (9 rows).

Rows 10-11: *p1, k7, p1*.

Row 12: *p1, k1, k2tog, k1, k2tog, k1, p1*. 

Row 13: *p1, k5, p1*.

Row 14:  *p1, k2tog. k1, k2tog, p1*

Knit 15 rows *p1, k2, p1* and bind off all the st loosely.


Here's what the ones i made looked like:


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