So i'm back from my trip to Australia and really ready to start cooking proper Finnish food again. In Australia everything seems to be full of sugar and the first thing i went to buy when i got home was some rye bread and carrots. What i should start off with now is some real food recipes and healthy things, but knowing me there will of course be some sweet treats aswell.

Here are some pictures from the land down under and also some drawings i did in My Black Book where i also kept a travel diary so i can reminiscence my trip still many years from now.


Australia is a great place and i wouldn't have wanted to come back to the cold Finland, but maybe i'll go back one day. It's all so different but still many things are the same there. I even got a chance to make a cake so my skills didn't get rusty on a holiday ; ) The equipment was a little basic and the ingredients a little different down there so improvisation was key. Here's what i managed to whip together with an old and rusty cake mold, some baking paper, knife, a borrowed mixer and a plastic bag:


If you ever get the chance to go visit Australia, go. The first kangaroo you see (not to mention cuddle and feed) is sure to melt your heart.


Piirroksia - Australian matka - Improvisoitu kakku