Here are some pictures of a selected few sewing projects i've finished.


I play the piano so here's my piano cover and a matching stool cushion (for a really bad piano stool. Seriously, it's awful).

Pianon ja pianotuolin päälliset


Couldn't find a good enough and big enough nap blanket (even though i can't take naps in the daytime) so i made my own. I always freeze so this is perfect for me. It's about 150 x 200 cm.



An underbust corset for decorational purposes only, not for tight-lacing.



Every girl (especially a geologist) needs a pair of cargo pants, and since i couldn't (again) find the kind i wanted, i made my own. They're great for gigs and well... for everything. Bye bye handbags!



And here's my "pirate" jacket i made in 2009.



This is my pirate shirt that you can use either with a belt or a corset, the collar buttoned or not buttoned. The sleeves are looong. I mean if they weren't held up by a series of buttons along the arm, they would hang below the knees.



I really like my jacket and want to wear it all the time, but when its -20 celcius outside, windy or snowing you really miss some kind of a hood. So i made a separate one. Sadly i didn't have enough of the same fabrics that the jacket was made of, but i found another wool cloth fabric for this one.

The hood has been really handy this winter since it's been a really cold one. I think it makes me look like a ranger (play EverQuest 2 and you'll see)



I've made some other black long skirts in the past also, but this is the latest one.  I should wear skirts more often.

Musta pitkä hame