I'm soon moving to another city for the summer and will be living in a small room atleast on the weekdays. Partially for that reason i dug out an old floor pillow from my parents storage room and also took another big pillow that hasn't had a purpose for a while, with the intention of making new covers for both and making them my floor pillows. Also i've always liked the idea and i often tend to sit on the floor and in other strange places anyway.

The round floor pillow we already had when i was a kid, or rather we had two of them, but i dont know where the other one has gone. They used to have a lot of use when we were small. I'm glad i can give new life to atleast one of them. It has kind of leathery surface. The other pillow i bought  some years ago when i needed a some kind of pillow on a long car ride.

So this is what they looked like before i did anything to them. My dog of course is always interested in anything that goes on on the floor and he seemed to be quite excited about the new soft things on the floor. "More things to lay on!", he thought (and also more things to crumble his food on for me to clean up).


And here they are with their new covers. For the round  pillow i cut a round piece of fabric, sewed a tube of elastic fabric on the edge of that and then put some elastic going around in that so that it would stay neatly in place but still would be easy to get off if the cover needs washing for example. For the square pillow i just made a normal pillow case, sewed some pieces of satin lace on each side of the hole and tied them shut.


You might recognize the fabric i used for the pillow covers, since it's the leftovers of the fabric used in the Raven evening gown. I used the blacker side. I had to sew together some pieces to make the square pillow cover, but i just had enough to cover both of the pillows in the end.


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