I always have my drawings and notes scattered around places and i can never find anything from that mess. Also i needed something to do for the long flights and other waiting periods on my coming trip to the other side of the world. I started a notebook for sketching, writing, just scribbling and so on. I chose a quite sturdy plain paper spiral notebook with a rubber band holding it shut for this purpose. I can carry it with me anywhere where i might find myseld bored, and others can write or draw in it also, memories, thoughts, whatever springs to mind. I'm sure it will be very handy for when you've just had a really strange dream and wake up in the middle of it. You know if you won't write it down, you'll forget it.

I aim to never rip out a single page from the book, unless if i really need it for something. Nothing drawn will be taken out. Everything stays, no matter how ugly or stupid. If it ever fills up i'll start another one. Even though there are plenty of pages to go and something can always be drawn or written in some tiny corner.

I also wanted to carry a few pens with me all the time, so i knitted a small pen case that can be carried with a string from the spirals of the notebook. I made it with about 2 mm needles from Crazy zauberball yarn that i got from a friend of mine for my birthday. I just casted on 30 st and knitted some random pattern here and there.  The colors slide nicely and i think it goes well along with the black. In the pen case i have a collection of some pens, mostly different sized black markers or pencils for sketching. Of course there's also a rubber and a pencil sharpener.


Don't they always say you should write the name of the person who owns the book on the first page? Well atleast i did, just in my own way, along with the date when i started the book. I will also try to write down when and where i've drawn or written the things. It will be nicer to look at like that.


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