I've forgotten to post these drawings, or well.. I've just kept them to myself because I thought some people might not like them being of the more morbid kind. But in my defense, I've always been a "glass half empty" kind of person anyway, and I like darkness and sorrow as themes. Not to mention the blood red color suits the black and white perfectly. Black and dark red are some of my favourite colors. They're me.

The following three drawings are from my black book:


Out of sight, out of mind

This one I drew mainly in a moving car which was... an interesting experience. Hence some crooked lines and lots of "Oh well, I guess it looks better with some more black anyway".



The better way to go

Yep, still can't really draw male figures. It's always women. Well, atleast this time it's not the same black haired girl (as one of my friends says. Even though it's never the same one, similar, but not the same.) She was supposed to have her eyes closed, but then I went and colored the wrong bit and she ended up like this. And hey, it's mostly white this time. Improvement? Laziness, I say.



Death will follow

I'm not too much into horror. I get nightmares too easily, but this one is not after me. I think there's something calm about her. She's just looking for someone to help her, reaching out. If she's the deathbringer or the victim, I don't know, but all I know is that it won't end well.



The city at dusk

This one is an unfinished A3 graphic which I'm too scared to start the next step at, scared I'll ruin something again. It's based on a photo I took of an almost omenous sunset on a cold day this spring before the leaves grew in the trees, the colors probably caused by the ashes from Iceland. I know it looks like a print from some curtains or so, quite boring, but it is something new, for me.


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