I saw this bright light blue yarn in the store and just couldn't help buying it. It's the same mohair as in The Moth and the Jackyll & Hide, but in blue. I started just a simple tube from it with the Lina pattern (in finnish), but i had only bought one skein to try and i of course ran out. Since i had only seen this color in one store here and i didn't go back there in a while the tube was left unfinished for a while, but now i bought another one and knitted it ready. I managed to be very efficient in using the yarn and from the two skeins i only left 5 cm yarn in start and finish, just enough tuck themselves in.

The tube is versatile and can be used as a kind of a shrug, a scarf or like a little hood. You can fold and wear it in different ways. It's very stretchy so you don't have to get the size exatcly right. The pattern also shows better when the tube stretches more. I used very big needles cos i wanted the tube to be big and airy.


BlueTube instructions:

Yarn: Novita Rose mohair. 9 mm needles.


CO 120 st. Divide them on 4 needles and join into a circle.

Knit all knitted st from the back loop, like this:

Rows 1-10: *k1, p1*

Row 11: *k1, p1, braid, k1*

Braid: Move 7 st on the right needle. Pick 3 first moved st back on the left needle. Drop all st off the right needle and pick the 4 free st on the left needle with the help of the right needle. K1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1.

Repeat rows 1-11 as many times as you wish (or as far as your yarn goes). End with row 10 and cast off all st.



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