I've finally finished my almost 3 month project of knitting The Green leaf scarf. I used a bit over 300 g of green pure wool yarn that was quite old, from my grandma's house. I used 4 mm thick knitting needles. The scarf is about 62 cm wide and 195 cm long, phew.

The pattern was from here even though i made it quite a bit wider so that there were 10 leaves side by side instead of 4 like in the original pattern. I knitted it in 2 pieces so that the leaf patterns would fall one direction on one and to the opposite direction on the other side. Then i knitted the sides together with a seam in the middle. I wasn't at any point trying to rush to finish this project. I knitted it now and then while watching some movies or tv series. At some point i even left it alone for weeks at a time.


Another scarf that i finished a while back but only now got around to ironing it open now was something that i call The Moth. It's from black mohair yarn and i used quite thick needles for it. I think the needles wer about 6 mm or so, but i don't really remember anymore. Making it was quite tricky since i didn't have circular needles and in the end there were 300 something stiches to hold on the needles, so i had to improvise a little. The pattern is originally from here (in finnish).

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