I was asked to make the cake to a graduation of two students plus the promotion of my boss at the Institute of Seismology. The cake could have no nuts or almonds (so marzipan was out of the question), no apple, no sour tasting milk products and it was to be low lactose. And I had to bake it in a strange environment, since it was my temporary summer appartment. That's why I don't have any pictures of the process, since not everything went exactly the way it was supposed to... Also I had to work with very basic equipment and a borrowed electric mixer for this.

The cake is a 8 egg basic cake base. The filling is half vanilla mascarpone cream and half lemon pudding. The top is strawberry and raspberry mix with a little added sugar and gelatine to help set it. Patterns on top are piped with white chocolate and the outside of the cake is piped with cream with a little vanilla cream powder in it to make it easier to work with. I put strawberry and dark grape flowers on top along with some raspberry leaves which I put on in the morning so the leaves wouldn't wilt during the night.

Here they are waiting to be placed on top:



And here's the finished cake (with my thrift store find chair. I bought a pair along with a sturdy table for just 28 € alltogether, bargain. And they are very comfortable):






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