So I already altered the Red top I brought from Australia earlier. Now I did the other one. I bought two tops from the same store and this one still had its price tag on, since it was a t-shirt shape and I don't really like those too much usually. Now after making it more "me", I'm sure to wear it a lot more than i would have before.

This alteration was a really simple one. I started by pinning the outlines of where I would cut to make the t-shirt into a tank top in front of the mirror. Then i cut the sleeves off and made the neckline larger. I cut the seams of the sleeves off of them, opened the sleeve piece and sewed it in the middle of the arm hole on both sides from the ends of the sleeve piece. I took the seams I had cut out and sewed them to hold the hanging sleeves slightly up. So the only thing I cut out and didn't reuse was the neckline that i cut off, but I'm sure i'll figure out something to do with that too, since it has some of the original t-shirt pattern on it..

This is what my top looked like during the process and how it looks now. You can see the print a little better in the first picture where I used a flash. I like the pattern a lot. (And yes I know, I haven't yet ironed the top and i should but it's past midnight already. I won't bother now.)


Topin tuunaus - Paidan muokkaus