A friend of my sisters had turned 30 a while back and my sister wanted her to have cake. They hoped for something farm themed and so I ended up making some animals. They wanted the edges of the cake to be just like in a normal cream cake so there was marzipan only on top.

The cake base was a 5 egg basic dark base baked in a round cake mold. To moisturise I used some rum flavoured water (I would have used milk but the cake was to be low lactose and I only had regular milk) and the filling was the Pätkis filling.

I filled the cake and put circle of green marzipan on top op it. Then I piped the edges with some whipped cream and put the animals, grass and flowers on top along with the name of the birthday person and a road sign made of marzipan to display the age.

Here are some pictures:





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